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Aspire, Learn, Succeed

Cross Gates

Primary School

Aspire, Learn, Succeed


Home Learning for 1.2.21

It is so important you continue practising your time tables knowledge at home. There are many resources available like TTRS, Hit the Button, Purple Mash etc.


Every Tuesday to Friday complete the time tables test below. You have 4 minutes for each test and it will cover knowledge all the way to the 12 time tables. 


You can do the time tables test at any point of the day like before the afternoon session two or at the beginning of your math's lesson - it is up to you.


If you are unable to print it out - write your answers down neatly on a piece of paper then get an adult or elder brother or sister to check through your answers to see how well you did.

If you are finding the Mrs C English lessons difficult, or prefer not to follow a videoed lesson, there are some alternative activities in the Word and PDF documents below:

Additional English for week beginning 1st February 2021

Tuesday 2nd February

Wednesday 3rd February

Thursday 4th February

Friday 5th February