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Aspire, Learn, Succeed

Cross Gates

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Aspire, Learn, Succeed

Year 4

This week's Celebration Assembly was a real epic, with a record number of children receiving awards. In Y4, we had a historic tie-break: both Jack Hughes and Zach Harland got stuck in and worked hard in class. We couldn't decide between them so awarded a double!

Tommy Butler has had an excellent week, taking on one of the surdo drum parts at the Leeds Arena samba performance at short notice. Rock on indeed!

On Wednesday 21st June, Y4 took part in the prestigious Leeds Youth Music Festival Concert at the First Direct Arena. We were part of a samba band, alongside children from Temple Moor High School and Alwoodley Primary. The concert day was tiring - we left Cross Gates by train at 9am and the concert finished at 9.30pm - but we gave a brilliant performance. Have a look at these photographs:

It's Brooklyn Hurley! He's been resilient and hardworking all week, sealing his place as our 7Rs winner this Friday. Well done Brooklyn!

Performance track for The Future's In Our Hands

Uploaded by ArtForms Leeds on 2023-03-26.

Here's Kayden, who's settled in well and has impressed us since he joined us a few months ago. He gets on with his work, listens carefully and gets on with his classmates!

It's Ella! She works hard and is always on hand to help out with class jobs both big and small. Well done!

Laycee Wood nailed it this week. She's been improving her presentation and is really on top of decimals in Maths. Well done her!

And this week's 7R superstar is Katherine West, who is really taking her learning seriously. She works hard and is always impeccably polite.

Our samba rehearsals are going well. Y3 like to come in and play along with us!

Mya Stewart is this week's 7Rs Class Person. She works hard, listens carefully and always laughs at Mr Rickson's jokes.

To celebrate King Charles's Coronation, Y4 planted seeds and made crowns. Miss Jackson volunteered to be Queen Camilla to Zach Harland's Charles.

Order, order! KS2 had a visit from Rachel Dodgson, an Education Officer who works in the House of Commons. She explained how decisions are made in Parliament, and we then had a go at discussing whether children should legally be made to walk to school. Issaq acted as Speaker, making sure that the debate ran smoothly!

Here's Frankie Greaves, this week's 7Rs award-winner. She's worked really hard in maths and is now Queen of Decimals. Frankie is helpful and resilient, and we all love having her in the class.

This week's Class Person is the indefatigable Harry Reed, who could tick every one of the 7Rs every day. Well done Harry, and keep it up!

Take a look at our Knowledge Organiser for our Mayans topic:

Here's another Year 4 star, who thoroughly deserved his 7Rs certificate at the end of term. Ethan Larkin has been working his socks off recently, with excellent behaviour to match. keep it up, Ethan!

We took part in the LEPP Trust hockey tournament this afternoon and had a blast. Here are Team B having a rest between matches.

Piano Fantasia! Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic morning at the Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds City Centre, listening to superstar pianist Alexandra Dariescu perform music by Florence Price, Clara Schumann and Grieg. We helped her by singing along, with all the right notes in the right order!

This week's Y4 hero is Sam Madden - an asset to the class, with his excellent general knowledge and good sense of humour. Sam - you are the man!

This week's worthy 7Rs award winner is the wonderful Georgina. Blessed with impeccable manners and a good work ethic, she's a real class asset!

2023 World Book Day was a roaring success in Year 4 - pupils and staff came in pyjamas, spending the day reading, talking about books and turning fairy tales into newspaper reports.

Here's the affable, amenable and ambitious Ava Abbott, who's always advancing.

It's Violet Cooper - another in our glittering gallery of 7Rs certificate holders! Violet is conscientious, thoughtful and a highly respected member of the class.

We missed Celebrations Assembly on February 3rd, because we were finding out about the Romans in Britain at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. What a fabulous experience! We laughed, we shouted, we screamed and we shook with fear at a few moments. Thanks to our lovely hosts, who looked after us so well. Here's a selection of photos:

He's hard-working, courteous and a real asset to the class. We all like Stanley!

Bikeability bonanza! Y4 pupils spent two days this week developing their cycling skills. Some children even managed to ride a bicycle having never ridden one before! Have a look at our photographs:

The weeks are flying by! Here's Lily Rinder, this week's 7Rs certificate holder. Lily is hard-working, well-behaved, helpful and an excellent role model. We all love having her in the class!

It's January! It's Jorja! She's helpful, polite and incredibly hard working, and she will never shy away from a fresh challenge. Well done!

Happy New Year! Our first 7Rs Class Person for 2023 is the indefatigable Matas, for his unstinting hard work and brilliant attitude to learning.

Herd Farm Residential! Despite the cold, we had a fantastic time at Herd Farm. We climbed towers of milk crates, experienced the terrifying Giant Swing, navigated an obstacle course whilst blindfolded and had a go at archery! We saw Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in the night sky, and ate a succession of delicious hot meals. Staff at the centre commented on how well-behaved and polite the children were. Well done everyone!

Mia-Rose Bland soaks up ideas like a human sponge! She is hard-working, conscientious and an asset to the class. She thoroughly deserved her 7Rs award on Friday.

Leo Nelson was on a roll last week, giving 100% every day. He thoroughly deserved his 7Rs award!

Always enthusiastic and interested in everything we do, Grace Morin nabbed our 7Rs Class Person certificate last week. Well done Grace!

Harry Reed's lovely manners and calm disposition made him a shoe-in for our latest 7Rs Class Person. Well done Harry!

Arielle worked really hard on her maths this week and is now a whizz at column subtraction. She deserved her 7Rs award!

Year 4 love their new seating arrangements! Everyone can see the board and it's much easier to concentrate.

Freya Chadwick has gone above and beyond recently, and thoroughly deserved her 7R certificate this week

This week's 7Rs Class Person is Joshua, a Purple Mash whizz who's always ready to help other pupils (and Mr Rickson) when they get stuck!


Here is some of the work we have done using tablets and laptops


Choosing our 7Rs candidate is always tough. There are so many candidates each week!On 7th October we chose Mary Merelda, as she's always so polite, kind and helpful.

After listening to a series of passionate speeches, Y4 chose Jorja and Brooklyn to be this year's School Councillors.

Harleigh-May has really hit the ground running in Y4! Another welcome addition to our Class Person gallery!

Dylan Thomas wowed us all in the swimming pool last week, and thoroughly deserved his Class Person status on September 23rd!

This week's Class Person is Phoebe McHugh, who's worked her socks off all week. Well done Phoebe!

We had a visit from Leeds indie-folk combo Maia on Friday. A real treat, with plenty of dancing, singing and careful listening.

This week's Y4 Class Person is Issaq Hussein. Well done for starting the year on such a positive note!

Welcome to Year 4

Meet the Y4 team - Mrs Pearson, Mr Rickson and Miss Russell! We are all excited to be working with your child this year and know that they will have an enjoyable time. If you have any school-related questions, please find one of us at the start or at the end of the school day.