Cross Gates

Primary School

Aspire, Learn, Succeed

Cross Gates

Primary School

Aspire, Learn, Succeed

Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Virtual Sports Day Tuesday 7th July 2020

There are 5 competitions. You can enter as many as you like.

Competition 1: Netball Challenge

Competition 2: Keepie Uppie Challenge

Competition 3: Rugby Challenge

Competition 4: Gymnastic Personal Best Challenge

Competition 5: 20 Second Speed bounce Challenge

Please note children do not have to complete every challenge to submit their scores for an activity. All the instructions are on the document below


Information can also be found at

Tuesday 7 July at 10am – The official Virtual Sports Day video will be premiered live on the Yorkshire Sport Foundation’s YouTube channel. You will also be able to watch the video back as many times as you like after 10am in case you miss it!

Wednesday 8th July at 12pm – Deadline to submit scores online. A Google Form will be available for teachers, parents or children to submit scores. This will be open for everyone either at home or in school. We will then release the scores later in the day.


To submit your scores

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