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Aspire, Learn, Succeed

Cross Gates

Primary School

Aspire, Learn, Succeed

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Our Year 4 teachers are Miss Beaumont and Mrs Pearson. We are supported by Miss Delaney.


We have lots of exciting and engaging learning opportunities this year. If you require any support or have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and find us.


This year, PE is on a Tuesday. Children should come to school in their school uniform and will change before the lesson. For children wearing earrings,  these need to be taken out or covered up. This year, we will also go swimming; these sessions will be on a Thursday afternoon.


Our class author is Anne Fine; we are Fine class. We are currently basing our guided reading sessions around her fantastic books. Our class reading for pleasure book is also written by Anne Fine, this is selected through a class vote system.



  • Every Friday, the children will take home a list of spellings. They will be quizzed on these the following Friday. Please work on these at home so that the children are fully prepared for the quiz. 
  • Reading daily for at least 20 minutes. Please can you ensure that reading books and records come to school every day so that we can listen to your child read during the week.
  • TT Rockstars - please access this as often as possible at home ready for their multiplication times table check in June 2024. 


Year 4 had a blast yesterday with their scavenger hunt, exploring nouns connected to adjectives from our new book - Varmints.

Class 4 had a fantastic time crafting their swifts in Art sessions! They're excited to showcase them at our parade on Friday 7th June.

Class 4 mastering time one tick at a time.

Class 4 shined in their hockey tournament displaying resilience and teamwork.

Year 4 buzzing with excitement as a science specialist visits to delve into their learning of Sound.

Class 4 diving into creativity with their first art session for our Swift project.

Thrilled by the success of Year 4's Open Doors afternoon! The children were beaming as they showcased their incredible learning to proud parents.

Class 4 had a brilliant Science lesson exploring how sounds are made as well as exploring the different sounds in and around our school.

Class 4 embraced World Book Day with enthusiasm, sharing their passion for reading! From lively discussions to showcasing their reading prowess to Year 2, it was a joyous celebration of literature and learning!

Class 4 voted with their feet today in their PSHE Mindmate lesson to express their feelings on the different scenarios they were presented with.

Class 4 having a blast at Garforth Methodist Church, delving into the captivating story of John Wesley!

Empowering our Year 4s with vital road safety skills! Today's PSHE lesson had the children pinpointing risky pedestrian behaviours and brainstorming safer alternatives.

Class 4 scored big time exploring the Elland Road stadium!

Class 4 dove headfirst into Roman history with a Roman Day to remember! From mastering Roman numerals to crafting clay pots, exploring battle scenes, and reflecting on the Romans' legacy in Britain.

Flashback to Friday when Year 4 left everyone in awe, showcasing their incredible learning journey!

Class 4 is in full concentration mode, rocking the NSPCC TTRS tournament to celebrate Number Day!

Class 4 getting hands-on with clay! Exploring various handling techniques and having a blast in their art lesson.

Kicking it up a notch! Class 4 had a blast enhancing their football skills with a special visit from a Leeds United Foundation expert: teamwork, drills and lots of fun on the playground!

Class 4 delving into the wonders of science! Exploring the fascinating world of changing states and unravelling the mysteries of melting in today's science lesson.

Residential vibes in full swing! From thrilling activities to delicious food, campfire stories, and a sprinkle of relaxation – Class 4 knows how to make lasting memories.

Class 4's first day of residential was a hit! Exploring Roundhay Park for some unforgettable forest school activities. Nature, learning, and fun all rolled into one amazing adventure!

Embracing the holiday spirit in class today! From crafting heartfelt cards to designing a festive calendar, topped off with a jolly Christmas party!

Class 4 heating things up! Exploring temperatures with thermometers was a cool adventure today.

Class 4 had a blast in their Design and Technology sessions crafting slingshot cars! Creative minds at work, turning learning into an exciting journey!

Class 4's amazing afternoon at the theatre watching Oliver - we couldn't believe how fabulous the acting and singing was!

Year 4 Autumn 2 Knowledge Organiser Science

Year Four impressing not only with their incredible gymnastic skills but also showcasing outstanding concentration!

Year 4 embraced the thrill of creativity and teamwork! Working in groups, our young minds crafted intriguing riddles, mastering the art of subtle clues.

Class 4's enthusiasm for music knows no bounds, especially when they're jamming with their ukuleles!

Class 4 exploring the power of words with a thesaurus to elevate their Ancient Greece poems.

Transporting back to Ancient Greece Day where the children dazzled us with their mesmerising Ancient Greek patterns.

Crafting laurel crowns, a timeless symbol of Ancient Greek victory.

Class 4 embraced the spirit of Ancient Greece with their own Olympic Games.

Class Four travelled back in time today, immersing themselves in the captivating world of Ancient Greece during our drama session.

Imagination took flight on Ancient Greek day as the children designed their very own mythical creatures.

Class 4 is delving deep into the world of Ancient Greece, uncovering fascinating facts to bring their non-chronological report to life!

Year 4 were super excited to be starting their first drama session with the incredible Dazzle (our specialist teacher). They focused on diction, perfecting voice projection and boosting their acting confidence. Lights, camera, action!

Year 4 embarked on a scavenger hunt to unlock the mysteries of Ancient Greece's divine realm! From Zeus' thunderbolts to Aphrodite's love charms, we searched for clues to uncover the captivating influence of these ancient gods and goddesses.


Year 4 have been having a great time this half term learning about electricity. This week we have been building circuits and thinking about how electricity powers our daily lives.