Cross Gates

Primary School

Respecting Others, Learning Together, Moving Forward

Cross Gates

Primary School

Respecting Others, Learning Together, Moving Forward


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Please check our page each week to share in our achievements, find out what we have been learning about in school and get ideas for ways in which you can support learning at home.

Reception Classroom

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Knights and Castles

Castles is a project that has captivated the children since before Christmas. We decided to explore this interest and have been amazed by the buildings, the story telling, the questioning and the amount of co-operation seen between the children.

Princesses, Knights and dragons seem to be the main characters in the stories from our little authors.

Nature Play - Bubbles 

Today was a cold wet and windy day but that didn’t stop us enjoying our nature play session.

“There’s no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing!” 
The children had lots of fun making their own bubble wands. We discussed what we could use and the children made suggestions based upon previous nature play sessions. They thought a stick would make a good handle. Poppie-Mai then said, “I know let’s use a pipe cleaner and attach it to the stick.” We used pipe cleaners when we made our cheerio bird feeders so Miss Harrison had some left in her bag. The children explored manipulating the pipe cleaners and attaching them to the sticks - this was quite tricky! 
The children were so excited to create bubbles by blowing and dancing in the wind. They showed such pride in what they had created.

We then warmed up by having a hot chocolate and a biscuit!

Nature Play - Bubbles

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Big World and Little Me! 

Some of the children had shown an interest in the picture Atlas which is in our classroom. As a  provocation the children were shown a large map of the world. They were asked if they knew what it was.

Jacob knew it was a map and Olivia amazed us when she told us. "A map is something to look at to see where you are going." Lots  of discussion followed this and Emilia told us ,"We live in England."

We found England on the map and noticed how small it was. Poppie-Mae said, "Our planet is our world and we're called Earth." Archie was able to tell us, "We live in Leeds in England." He also knew his own address.

We looked at some of the cold places on the map and Ralphy said, "Santa is up in the North Pole up there."

We  wondered if it was warm anywhere on the map. The children talked to each other and Jayse and Amelia were both able to tell us a country where it is really hot. "Australia is dead hot" said Amelia. Jayse told us, "Africa is hot and there's lions there." We then pretended to go on an aeroplane and chose which country we would like to travel to.

We think we have a class full of fantastic Geographers who know so much already about the world.

There has also been a fascination in the ice we found in the outside area. The children  loved picking it up and watching it smash onto the ground.

"It looks like Glass!"

 "I think the polar bears might come cos it's so cold." 

The children discussed where the ice had come from and we explained that the water turns to ice when it's freezing. Ryan was able to explain that the sun melts the ice and makes it water again!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 

The children had a wonderful time at our Christmas party. We started with a yummy party dinner and Christmas songs. We played lots of party games, pass the parcel was a big favourite and we couldn't wait to see what surprise was hiding behind each wrapper. The children demonstrated their amazing dance moves and it was great to see everyone joining in. The 'Elf hunt' Mrs White organised was an extra surprise for the children and the children worked together to find all of Santa's little helpers.

We hope everyone has had a super holiday and we can't wait to see all the children in the new year. 

Transient Art Trees

 Our continuous provision contains loose parts for the children to have lots of opportunities to explore and create with transient art. To extend this the children were provided with a provocation to explore smaller intricate parts and create their own decorated trees. Transient art is moveable art. It is not permanent: it enables children to manipulate, explore, sort, experiment with patterns, shapes and design and redesign. The children created multiple designs and worked together on some designs. We think you will agree they look beautiful.

Missing Reindeers

We arrived at school to discover that some cheeky reindeers had been in the classroom and caused chaos! The reindeers belonged to Santa and had escaped. The children thought of lots of ideas on how to trap the reindeers and get them back to Santa. They looked everywhere to find them and even found some half eaten carrots and reindeer bells in the outdoors. Lots of children made their own 'Missing Reindeer' posters and displayed them around school to help catch the reindeers. We were so relieved when Mr Garden came to see us to tell us Santa had phoned him to say that they had been found and Christmas was saved!


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The Nativity

This week in class we were learning all about the true meaning of Christmas. We talked about the birth of baby Jesus and explained that this is what Christians believe. Some of the children remembered about the festival Diwali and amazed me when they knew Hindus celebrate this festival.  We have a Nativity set in Class which the children have enjoyed playing with. Our classroom is set up with provocations to entice the children but we also create calm, cosy, natural areas to promote well-being and to nurture the child. 

Every Child is an Artist!

Our unique observational drawings of our Nativity scene. Our little artists looked carefully and drew their own interpretation. 



Nature Play

Today, during our nature play session, the children made Cheerio bird feeders. The children demonstrated such concentration and determination to thread the Cheerios onto the pipe cleaners and then used their problem solving skills to decide how to fasten the ends together. The children used lots of mathematical language, including counting how many cheerios they had used and whether they had more or less than their friends. Once they had finished, they searched for the best tree to hang their bird feeders. They are very excited to come back next week to see if the birds have enjoyed their tasty treats!

National Tree Week

As part of National Tree Week, the children have enjoyed making a huge transient art tree in our outdoor area. During storm Arwen, lots of small branches fell from our lovely Willow tree so we used these along with logs and leaves to create our finished masterpiece!

National Tree Week

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Helicopter Stories

The children have really enjoyed taking part in 'Helicopter Stories.'  This involves children story telling and story-acting. They tell an adult their own story and at the end of the day we act out the story together. Each story was written by one of our wonderful, creative children and others volunteered to be the different characters in the story when we acted them out. Every child had the confidence to join in the acting and asked to be a character. At the end of each story the children took a bow and all were given a round of applause. The children have wanted to tell us so many stories and lots of the stories involved elephants and space rockets! 

Story telling and story-acting helps develop the children's communication, imagination, creativity, confidence and their relationships with others. It's also a lot of fun!


Sensory Bottles

This week we continued the children's interest in mixtures and invited the children to make their own sensory bottles. There was a keen interest in this and lots of children wanted to make more than one. They were shown some sensory bottles to spark their interest and to show them what they could achieve. The children selected their own bottle, filled it with water and then chose different substances to add to their bottles.

In the afternoon, as the sun shone into the classroom the children were intrigued by the effects of the light on their bottles. The children discovered for themselves the effects of the dye and oil on the water. They noticed the bubbles created by the oil and were fascinated with the glitter sticking to the oil. 


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Ralphy commented "It looks like a sea monster coming down." He noticed the glitter had stuck to the oil creating a large globule.

Junk DNA

This week we have continued our interest in transient art and loose parts by exploring lots of old metal objects. We looked at the items and discussed what we thought they were used for. Transient art is not permanent. It enables children to manipulate, explore, sort, experiment with patterns, shapes and design and redesign. We think the children made such creative pictures. 

Creepy Crawlies

The children have been fascinated with insects over the last couple of weeks. They have used our spotting sheets to find the creatures and have looked everywhere to find them. We discovered lots hiding under the logs and wood pallets and realised that lots of minibeasts like damp, wet, shady places.  The children were particularly interested in the worms and discovered so many hiding under logs. To support this interest, we watched a programme all about worms and found out lots of interesting facts.

Wonderful Leaves! 🍁

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Nature Play

This week, during our nature play session, the children enjoyed collecting sticks. They chose a variety of different shapes and sizes which opened up a lovely discussion. The children enjoyed choosing their own coloured wool to decorate their sticks. The concentration and determination was wonderful to observe. They thought of different strategies to wrap their wool around their stick. Bethany said, “If I just twist the stick it wraps around.” The children thought of imaginative uses for their sticks linked to the story Stanley’s Stick. Jakob said, “Mine is a magic wand!”

The World and Story Telling  

Wonderful story telling and curiosity from out little learners in Reception this week. Following the children's interest in the colourful Asian clothes during Diwali we showed the children how Elephants can be dressed up to look colourful too. Just like Elmer in our Favourite Five story.  Looking at the photographs one of the children said, "Elephants don't look like this they are grey." To extend the children they watched a clip of Indian elephants walking through a city during a carnival. We looked at a map to find out which countries Elephants come from. Ryan showed his expert knowledge, "We live in England." Amelia impressed us too, "We live in Leeds." When looking at elephants in Kenya Poppie-Mae said, "It's hot there."  To continue this interest we looked in a picture Atlas and so many children were  knowledgeable about different places in the world. Archie noticed a landmark and accurately said, "that's London."

This week we have been using torches as part of our project on 'Shadows.' Haidie wanted to tell me a story about elephants using torches. Lots of other children joined in telling me their wonderful stories too.  Most of the stories involved the elephants wetting everyone with their long trunks. What fantastic story tellers we have in Murphy Class.


The Perfect Slide!

This week a group of children showed an interest in making their own slides. They used our large wooden planks and tried them against different pieces of equipment. The children were very adventurous sliding head first and balancing on the planks. Unfortunately the planks kept falling down. One child found a block  to try and stabilise the planks. This didn't work so the children continued to trial different places outside to find the best place to make their slide. After several attempts Mrs Shaw made a suggestion, that we needed something which would attach to the equipment. The children went with Mrs Shaw to find the best bench in the hall. One was perfect as it had hooks to attach to equipment. They chose where to place it in the outdoors and used the hooks to fasten against the climbing frame. The children had so much fun exploring this slide but their problem solving skills and the collaboration to find the perfect slide was amazing. 

Our Kindness Tree

As part of Anti-Bullying week we have been reading lots of books about Kindness. We also have a kindness tree in class.  The children thought of their own acts of kindness and we wrote them onto our heart shaped tags. When we see acts of Kindness children get to put a heart on the tree.  Lots of children have already been given a heart to put on the tree.

                   What a thoughtful and caring class we are!

Outdoor Fun!

The children have all been enjoying our new outdoor swing. We have so many dare devils in Murphy class who were so confident and jumped straight on! As well as developing our physical skills we have been learning to negotiate with others as we learn to take turns on the swing.

Nature Play

This week, during our nature play session, the children enjoyed searching and collecting Autumn leaves. The children used their leaves to make beautiful leaf decorations. They displayed characteristic of effective learning whilst threading the leaves onto the twine. They were very proud of the finished result.

Nature Play

Maths Week 2021

This week has been Maths Week England # MWE21 and the children have been involved in lots of fun Maths experiences both inside and outside. They particularly enjoyed the shape hunt around our environment finding shapes in the strangest places! We studied different paintings by Wassily Kandinsky, looking for the shapes in the paintings. We used the picture 'Concentric Circles' as an inspiration for our paintings. 

Our little learners are certainly creative, making their own circle paintings and showing deep concentration.

Lest We Forget

A little poppy as red as can be to show I remember those who fought for me.

We must never forget.



Bonfire Night!

To celebrate bonfire night we sang lots of songs and listened to a story. We talked about Firework safety and made a yummy firework biscuit. Lot of words were used to discuss the sounds fireworks make.

                    'Crackle, Fizz, Pop, Bang, Zoom!'



Today we learned all about Diwali- "The Festival of Light." Some of our children are celebrating today and it was very exciting learning about the festival. We wore traditional Asian clothes, performed a Diwali dance, made clay Divas and Rangoli patterns. Don't we all look fabulous?


Fire Engine Visit 

This week we have been so lucky to have a visit from Ryan's mummy and some of her colleagues from West Yorkshire Fire service, and of course they came in their fire engine. The children were so excited and whilst they were visiting they got a phone call to go to a job. Thankfully they came back later on in the morning and we had a wonderful time learning all about a fire fighters job.  We looked at all the different equipment and even got to sit in the fire engine. The most exciting part was when we attached the hose to the fire hydrant and we all got to squirt water everywhere! Everyone loved the visit. Thank you so much Ryan's mummy.

Our Reception Classroom

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We are really looking forward to welcoming our new children and families to Reception in September.


If you were unable to attend our Reception Welcome meeting in July, please find a copy of the presentation below.