Cross Gates

Primary School

Respecting Others, Learning Together, Moving Forward

Cross Gates

Primary School

Respecting Others, Learning Together, Moving Forward


Our topic based approach to learning at Cross Gates means that wherever possible we group our subjects around a theme which usually begins with a question.  The topics we choose depend on the content of the National Curriculum and the interests and needs of our children.  These are intertwined with our core values and beliefs as a school.


The National Curriculum sets out the minimum content.  We develop our children further through;

  • offering a range of after school clubs and activities for all ages
  • the opportunity to learn an instrument from our own music teacher
  • making our curriculum as local and relevant as possible


Not all subjects naturally fit within a topic and will be taught discreetly.  Religious Education is an example of where this may happen.  We aim to build children's confidence in investigating and finding solutions to problems both in their learning and outside the classroom.  A great emphasis is placed on encouraging children to use the 6Rs when learning new skills or knowledge (resilience, relationships, resourcefulness, risk taking, reflective, responsibility). 

At Cross Gates we have taken the most successful, innovative and pioneering educational practices and shaped them into a curriculum that promotes high quality, realistic experiences for our children.  We have adopted a cross curricular approach to our foundation subjects, making ours a very ‘Creative Curriculum.’ Lessons are enriched with interactive and innovative activities through which key skills are taught. We carefully tailor these in order to meet the needs of all our children and the diversity of our community.  Our lessons often start with a 'hook' to engage the children and we actively promote real life learning opportunities and links bringing learning alive!  



Core & Foundation

Our Curriculum

Rigby Star (KS1)

Project X (KS2)

Supplemented with Oxford Reading Tree and Heinemann 


A range of genres and book study approaches

Elements of Talk 4 Writing

Cycle of plan, write, edit and publish using Pobble


White Rose Maths scheme of work

Big Maths

Supplemented with Nrich Maths and NCETM Mastery

RE Leeds' Scheme of Work for RE
Computing Rising Star KS1 & KS2
Science Cross Gates curriculum based on National Curriculum

You, Me and PSHE


Foundation Subjects/Topic Bespoke Creative Curriculum through History and Geography skills and knowledge

Val Sabin Gymnastics and Games

Leap Frog Scheme

Dance linked to curriculum

Music Charranga Scheme of Work
Modern Foreign Languages La Jolie Ronde (French) KS2
Art & Design Cross Gates curriculum linked to National Curriculum and Topic