Cross Gates

Primary School

Aspire, Learn, Succeed

Cross Gates

Primary School

Aspire, Learn, Succeed

W/C 11/03/24

This week we have been reading longer words, words ending in -ing and compound words. A compound word is where two or more words combine to form a new word (e.g. lap and top combine to make laptop). 


We continue to follow our reading mantra and it will be useful for you to apply the same approach at home too:

 Spot the digraph(s)

 Say the sounds

 Blend to read 


This week, please could you practise reading and writing the following words and captions at home:



market        looking            zooming        farmyard

finger          marching         winking         rooftop

towel           farming            singing         carpark

cornet         cooking            fighting         popcorn

river            waiting             chatting

wooden       morning


A wooden boat sails down the river.

We are up at night looking at the moon.

She is zooming down the hill.

It is fun chatting and singing in the rooftop garden.


The words we have been practising writing are:


river        looking       singing          carpark        towel

finger      waiting       zooming                            fantastic


On Friday we practised writing the sentence:


The goat was born this morning.


This half term we will not be introducing any new tricky words but we will be spending a lot of time revisiting the ones we have learned so far. this week we revised:


he we me be was you they all